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Company profile
          Advanced Targets Materials Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of sputtering targets, arcing cathodes and evaporation materials for the PVD thin film companies worldwide. Advanced Targets has rich experience in manufacturing and R&D on sputtering targets and arcing cathodes. Driven by the spirit of innovation, Advanced Targets achieved lots of R&D progress, and some are worked together with Institute of Process Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, national center for Non-Ferrous Metals & Electronic Materials.
        Advanced Targets’s products have been serving for the leading PVD service suppliers around the world. Consistent high quality and cost efficiency are the key advantages of Advanced Targets. Relying on material science and material processing know-how, Advanced Targets has won a good reputation worldwide.
        Driven by the mission of “Innovation, Sincerity, Quality”, Advanced Targets has been supplying a wide range of high-quality sputtering targets and arcing cathodes recognized by many well-known companies in PVD thin film field.

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