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Titanium-aluminum sputtering target
The release date:2017-12-28
      Our titanium-aluminum(TiAl) targets are used for decorative coatings on electronic devices. In addition, thanks to the resistance to oxidation and toughness, our titanium-aluminum targets are also widely used as the coatings of milling machines, drills and other tools. The titanium-aluminum coatings enhance the metal removal rates, feed speeds and cutting performance and extend the service life.

      We can supply tubular, rectangular titanium-aluminum targets and customized titanium-aluminum targets.
Main TiAl targets:
Titanium/aluminum content [at%] 25/75 30/70 33/67 40/60 50/50 75/25
Purity [%] 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7
Guaranteed density [g/cm3] 3.11 3.20 3.26 3.38 3.56 4.00
       We supply titanium-aluminum targets with guaranteed purity because we produce our titanium-aluminum products from the titanium-aluminum powder to the finished product ourselves. And our targets have homogenous microstructure.
       If you use our titanium-aluminum targets, our HIP technology will ensure that remarkably fewer droplets are formed on your product during coating. So our targets keep your coatings smoother. 

Standard microstructure
TiAl 33/67at%

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